Day 30 – It won’t stop raining!

The rain started in earnest about 03:00am in Wanaka. It was like trying to sleep in a car wash.

The weather wouldn’t let up so I got up and squished my way to the shower!

‘That Wanaka Tree’

I wanted to check out ‘that Wanaka tree’ this morning. When I drove past it yesterday evening there was a throng of people there. Funnily enough I had the tree to myself this morning!

‘That Wanaka Tree’

It used to be in the lake but as the water has receded it is now on the bank of the river. Still pretty but not quite as spectacular as maybe it used to be.

So as the rain was bucketing down I decided to move onto Queenstown.

The drive was only about an hour long which was good. I drove alongside the Clutha river on the Gibbston highway. The rain was still coming down and da Beast didn’t like the slow steep climb up the mountain. Coming down was a bit hairy the bends were like the snake turns on Lombard street in San Francisco except a whole mountainside of them, in the rain with little visibility! Awesome! I took my time – didn’t fancy going over the side and we made it to the bottom of the mountain and on towards Arrowtown.

In a little under twenty minutes we arrived in Queenstown and parked up. It was still flippin raining.


The town is very compact, has a lot of shops, restaurants, bars and the most outdoor ski, surf, hike shops I’ve ever seen in one place!


I had a scrumptious lunch and then decided to head to the campsite. It was at this point it started hailstoning.

Time to park up and chill for a bit!

Number of times stalled the van = 0

Number of times been honked at = 0

Number of kms today = 70

Cumulative kms to date = 3634

Firsts for today: hair pin bends in a camper van and being hailstoned on in NZ!

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