Day 31 – Arrowtown

The weather was less rainy than forecast overnight and this morning so that was a great start to the day – yippee!

I decided to check out Arrowtown, it’s a small village twenty minutes just outside Queenstown.

The old Post Office

It had a really cool high street with lots of historic buildings such as a Post Office, the old BNZ Bank which is now the museum, an old Butchers shop which is now a Real Estate office.  Lots to look at for one small street.

It also has an old Chinese Village built from 1878.

But interestingly it was a chap called ‘Maori Jack’ Tewa who found gold in the Arrow River in 1862.  During that time fifteen hundred miners worked the river, many of which were Chinese who built their own village.

River Arrow

Arrowtown is also great for hiking and had a number of walks along the river and up into the hills.  I decided to do one of the hikes.  The colors of the trees were amazing, reds, oranges & greens.  I could see snow on the mountains in the distance.  The views were stunning.

River Arrow

As I was walking along I came across a lady who asked which hike I was doing.  She said she was lost and could she walk with me, which of course I said yes.  She was from Taiwan so we exchanged social chitchat, we hiked for a bit on the loop before she said that she wanted to go back.  I was in a bit of a conundrum do I let her go back on her own or do I carry on with the loop I was doing.  I decided to go back with her.  I now felt responsible for her getting back safely and didn’t want her to get lost again or slip and fall.  So that was my good deed for the day!

Back into Arrowtown and we said our goodbyes and I went to find some lunch.

I then drove back to Queenstown parked up da Beast and headed into town for a mooch!

Number of times stalled the van = 0

Number of times been honked at = 0

Number of kms today = 40

Cumulative kms to date = 3674

Firsts for today: Visiting Arrowtown!



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