Day 32 – Milford Sound

Today was just brilliant!

I’d booked a trip to Milford Sound but with the weather the way it has been there was a chance that it could get cancelled.

But it didn’t, all systems go at 9:00am so off I went to Remarkables Park where the trip would begin.

There are many ways to get to Milford Sound: drive yourself, do a bus tour, both of which are a good 4-5 hours drive each way or take a helicopter or plane flight.

Milford Sound

I plumped for the flight there and back with a cruise down the Milford Sound out to the Tasman Sea and back.

The flight was great, a small’ish plane which seated eight people. Everyone had a window seat so could see all the great views.

We took off and flew over the Southern Alps.  There had been recent snowfall on the tips of the mountains and the views were stunning.  The latest rain fall also led to lots and lots of waterfalls gushing down the hillsides.


When we landed in Milford Sound we had a very short bus ride to the ferry terminal.

Then onto the ferry and off we went into fjord land.  The skipper explained that actually Milford Sound shouldn’t be called Sound at all and should be called a Fjord.  Really only Marlborough Sound has the right to call itself a proper Sound as it has lots of little inlets.

I was lucky again to see bottle nose dolphins frolicking in the water – so beautiful.  The boat also took us up close to see sea lions basking on a rock – very cool!

We went out to the Tasman Sea and then turned around and cruised back into the ferry terminal.

Everyone I have spoken to had urged me to do the Milford Sound and they weren’t wrong, it is simply stunning!

View of Milford Sound from the plane

The plane ride back to Queenstown was smooth, back over the Alps, a different way this time.  The pilot gave us a great running commentary of all the names of the mountains, lakes and waterfall.

Back to the campsite and off into Queenstown for a mooch.

I was in such a good mood that I treated myself in LuluLemon & then had a steaming bowl of ramen.

Now how do you beat a day like that?!

Number of times stalled the van = 0

Number of times been honked at = 0

Number of kms today = 19

Cumulative kms to date = 3693

Firsts for today: Visiting Milford Sound – wowser!


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