Day 33 – So I get finally get Queenstown!

It’s taken a few days for me to finally get what Queenstown is all about.

View from the Skyline in Queenstown

It really is an adrenalin junkie’s dream place to live or at least visit.  The options to do daredevil stuff is phenomenal: paragliding; jet skiing; jet boat; bungee jumping; luge riding, para sailing, the list can go on and on.

I however am not the brave, I would definitely get jelly legs if I attempted a bungee jump.  But, what I did do today was to get the gondola (otherwise known as a cable car in most other parts of the world) up to the skyline tour here in Queenstown.  It’s very cool the gondola goes up pretty quickly and leaves you at a viewing station, cafe & shop.

There was still quite a bit of low cloud over Queenstown which looked really cool.

View from the Ben Lombard scenic view

I took a few photos and then headed up to hike around the top of the hill.  You can hike there also!  Suddenly I was away from all the throngs and alone in an alpine wilderness.  The smell of the alpine forest was overwhelming.  I hiked to the other side of the mountain which gave a great view called the Ben Lombard scenic view.

I then walked back over to the skyline side and watched paraglider run off into the sky and glide down to the park below – thrilling stuff!

I’d bought a ticket for the luge so decided to give it a go.  This meant getting on the ski lift (more jelly leg likeliness) and then hopping off whilst it was still moving to go do the luge.  I was a bit apprehensive, but it looked like a lot of fun.  The instructors made sure you knew how to stop, start and turn left and right – fairly straightforward stuff.  Everyone does the blue run first which was pretty easy.

On the luge track!

It was great, I whizzed down the track, going round corners, under bridges and eventually slowed to the finish – so much fun.

I liked it, so off I went and did it another couple of times!

Then back down the gondola to the bottom and onwards into town.

I hadn’t been to Queenstown gardens, so I went for a mooch there.

Queenstown Gardens

It had a nice rotunda and a rose garden and there were lots of people chilling out.  There were also a lot of people playing frisbee.  It was the weirdest thing.  I just didn’t get it, was frisbee throwing a ‘thing’ in Queenstown?  I guess they are into a lot of sport.  Then I noticed that there were these metal cylinder chainy things, which I found out are called a frisbee golf target – ok, fair enough.

Frisbee Golf Target(!)

Still a lot of people playing frisbee – still don’t get it.

So I’m walking around the park and there are folks playing tennis & lawn bowls.  As I walk towards the entrance I notice a sign that says ‘Disc Golf Course’.  Oh, penny drops, so I’ve been walking through a frisbee golf course and there are eighteen holes.  I get it now.

I still have never seen one of these before – ever!

A last mooch around the shops in Queenstown as I head onwards tomorrow.

Number of times stalled the van = all walking today

Number of times been honked at = all walking today

Number of kms today = 0

Cumulative kms to date = 3693

Firsts for today: Having fun on the luge!


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