Day 36 – Dunedin

Dunedin is an interesting town.  It has strong Scottish ties with Edinburgh as the first group of Scottish settlers arrived in Dunedin in 1848.  Many of the street names are called after similar streets in Edinburgh such as Princes Street.

Before heading into town I read up about some ‘sticks’ which were a focal point along the beach at St Clair, only a twenty minute walk away.  I walked along the beach and there they were all twelve of them.  Apparently there used to be more but they have been washed away over the last seventeen years.

The ‘Sticks’ at St. Clair beach

From there I continued walking into town.  I though da Beast could do with a rest and I could do with a walk.  It took about sixty minutes to walk into the ‘Octagon’ which is the focal point of Dunedin.  Lots of restaurants and bars and also where St Pauls Cathedral, the Municipal Chambers and the Art Museum was.

I’d seen a really cool historical building at the end of Stuart Street so I went to find out what it was.  I thought maybe it was a university building or a museum of sorts but it was actually Dunedin Railway station.  I think it’s one of the nicest railway stations buildings I’ve ever seen.

Dunedin Railway Station

It also had really cool stained glass windows on the inside.

From there I went to look around the ‘Authentic’ Chinese Garden (one of only three outside of China in the World).

Chinese Garden

Then, a look at the First Church consecrated in 1873.  This had scaffolding around it as they looked to be doing some repairs!

A quick look in and around St Paul’s Cathedral.  Not quite to the scale or grandeur of it’s namesake in London but still a nice church.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Then a mooch around the Art Museum before heading back to the campsite.

I thought about walking back but was pretty pooped so jumped on the bus to St. Clair so I could walk the remaining bit of the journey back along the beach.

A good day out in Dunedin!

Just because you can never see enough silvery baby pups, here is another picture of the one from Surat Bay yesterday morning.

Such a cutie!

Number of times stalled the van = walking only!

Number of times been honked at = walking only!

Number of kms today = 0

Cumulative kms to date = 4209

Firsts for today: Exploring Dunedin

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