Day 37 – From a Castle to a Lake!

I’d been reading up a bit more about Dunedin and established that there was a castle, Lanarch Castle in fact which was built in 1871.  It is New Zealand’s only castle and therefore before I left the area I thought I’d better give it a visit.

It’s very nice, not quite as large as Edinburgh Castle but not too bad a start for New Zealand as castles go.

It is going through some renovations so sadly there was scaffolding outside part of the front of the house.  However, I could still walk round most of the inside, in and out of the reception room, dining room, library, all of the bedrooms and right up the turret onto the roof.

It has splendid views over the valley.  The morning was a tad foggy but the sun was burning the layer off and it was going to be a nice day.

The gardens were also very nice, with a nod to Alice in Wonderland. Alice herself was in the gardens, together with a Wishing Well & a White Rabbit.

There was also a nice Cupola and Pergola – impressive!

Other interesting facts about Dunedin – it is the farthest city in the world from London: 19,100km that’s 11,870 miles.

Then time to get on the road.  I’d had it on good authority that Lake Tekapo was not to be missed and whilst this added three hours to my drive from Dunedin to Christchurch I was prepared to check it out.

324kms later I arrived in Lake Tekapo.  I’d driven through thick fog, sunshine and rain and was glad to have made it to my destination.  I’m also really glad that I’d decided to stay in Lake Tekapo overnight to break up the journey.

The lake is very pretty, alpine trees on one side and the Alps covered in a smattering of snow on the right.  It was a little bit overcast but you could still see how picturesque the place was.

A quick chill and then a mooch around Lake Tekapo before sundown.

Lake Tekapo is my penultimate destination before Christchurch and the end of my New Zealand adventure, but I still have four more days to find a few more nooks and crannies.

Number of times stalled the van = 0

Number of times been honked at = 0

Number of kms today = 336

Cumulative kms to date = 4545

Firsts for today: Exploring New Zealand’s only castle

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