Day 70 – Magnetic Island

I had a great day out to Magnetic Island.  I drove to the port this morning, parked up and jumped on a ferry to the island. The ferry only took twenty minutes – very cool!

There were lots of options to get round the island: mini moke, scooters or the bus. I plumped for the bus – $7 for the day, hop on/off as much as you want – bargain!

I’d seen a rather nice jetty at Picnic Bay so I got the  bus round to that part of the island and checked it out!

Jetty at Picnic Bay

The island is really good for hiking. At Picnic Bay there was a hike up to Hawkings Point which gave a great view of both Picnic Bay and Nelly Bay.

I met a really nice couple at the Point. We got chatting and they’d come back to Magnetic Island for their 40th wedding anniversary as they’d visited the island for their honeymoon.  Very sweet. Romance isn’t dead!!

They also gave me lots of tips of other things to do on the island.

I walked back down with them and got the bus towards Horseshoe Bay. The couple told me to do the hike to The Forts so I got off the bus and hiked up.

There were koalas in the trees as I walked up the hill. One of them was actually awake!

The Fort was pretty cool. The view was awesome, definitely a great place for a lookout.

Back down the hill and onto the bus to Horseshoe Bay, this has a lovely beach and quite a few shops and restaurants.  After some lunch I mooched round a bit and then got the bus back round to Nelly Bay to catch the ferry.

Back over to Townsville. The fella at the campsite had recommended walking along ‘The Strand’ which is a newish development in Townsville.  I I walked the length of it to what’s called the Kissing Point Fort.  There were loads of boats in the marina which then gave way to beaches, cafes and restaurants.  Along to the end where I checked out another pretty jetty.

Back to the van and to the campsite – time to put my feet up I feel like I’ve walked my socks off today!

Number of kms today = 28

Total number of kms in Aus = 4887

Total Cumulative kms to date (NZ &  Aus) = 10,151

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