Day 72 – Would you get on a cable car after it had broken down?

At the SkyRail (cable car) in Cairns bright and early to avoid the crowds. Ready to go in a cable car and the whole system grinds to a halt!








Next to go….

My dilemma was should I wait for it to be fixed or call it a day and go and do something else?

I waited…there were quite a few folks rushing about, talking into walkie talkies, pushing buttons. After 30 mins it was still not fixed!

I continued to wait, confident they would fix it. Pretty happy I was on terra firma and not stuck in the sky!

After an hour they say they had fixed a couple of parts and were going to run the system & do some checks…very wise!

Then, all systems go and who do you think was first on a cable car…..yes, yours truly!

On the cable car!!

Off I go, then it stops after a couple of mins and then started moving again – heart stopping moment!

After that the day was pretty uneventful other than seeing a gargantuan rain forest, seeing more koalas, feeding a baby kangaroo, getting up close with lots of beautiful butterflies and then also some sqwalky birds.

Koala just about awake!


There were also a shopping village selling arts and crafts including kangaroo bikinis!! I didn’t buy one of those!

Cairns Birdwing butterfly – prettier on the underneath!

All in all a great day out at Kuranda, no further drama after the cable car breaking down just lots of fun with Australia’s awesome animals!

Number of kms today = 28

Total number of kms in Aus = 5255

Total Cumulative kms to date (NZ &  Aus) = 10,519

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