Day 73 – A day walking around Cairns

I decided to leave the camper van at the campsite and set out on foot this morning.

First up the Botanic Gardens.  About 1.5 miles walk to the Centenary Gardens and the Cairns Chinese Friendship Gardens, which had a huge lily pad lake.

It was really pretty, the reflection of the house in the lake was stunning.

Then on through the rainforest walk (which was very cool) to the Flecker Botanical Gardens.  Massive trees and beautiful rich coloured flowers.

A purple anthurium, I’ve only seen red or cream ones before!

Lily pond flower – purple was the color of the day!

More Botannical loveliness then I stumbled upon an area called ‘The Tanks’ which was an arts centre contained within huge old disused water tanks. There was an art gallery in one tank  and an auditorium in another.

What a brilliant idea to use old water tanks for such a creative output. There was a band rehearsing in the auditorium and the accoustics sounded amazing!

Leaving the gardens behind I walked  towards the esplanade to wander into town.

After a spot of lunch I mooched around the art gallery and then around the shops for a bit.  I also checked out the St Monica Cathedral as it was renowned to have amazing stained glass windows, which it did!

Back along the esplanade to the campsite. There was some cool street art en route.


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