Day 75 – A short hop to Port Douglas!

I checked out Palm Cove first thing. A lovely beach bay, quite busy first thing with folks having an early brunch! I had a nice walk along the beach and then headed towards the crocs!

Palm Cove

Another short drive to Huntley’s Crocodile Adventures. An adventure park focused on crocodiles (funnily enough) plus koalas, kangaroos, wallabies & birds of many varieties.

The crocs were HUGE! Most of them were asleep in the sun. Many of them asleep with their mouths open (reminded me of an ex boyfriend or two!)

I went to a show where the keeper enticed the crocs with some raw chicken. They certainly can move when food is involved.

Look at the baby koala!

Saw some more koalas, this time one of them was cuddling its baby – very cute!

The park also had a river cruise where we went round a lake with crocs swarming around the boat. They could do some serious damage!!

Then onto Port Douglas, only a thirty minute drive. I parked up at the campsite and went for a meander. I walked along the beach and up a pretty steep hill to the lookout. Quite a spectacular view of the beach.

Then down the hill and round to the marina. It was a hub of activity, lots of live music, people chilling and lots of rather nice boats.








Then I found a cool spot and watched the sun go down on a chilled Sunday!

Number of kms today = 71

Total number of kms in Aus = 5340

Total Cumulative kms to date (NZ &  Aus) = 10,604

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