Day 78 – The allure of Ulura

An early start to the day as my flight to Ulura was at 7:20am.

The weather had definitely taken a turn for the worse and it looked a bit grizzly by the time I boarded the flight.

Then up, up and away to the skies above the cloud and the rain.

 The flight was great, it took about three hours compared to a 26 hour drive!!

I picked up the hire car and headed to Yulara which is where all the accommodation is.  They have a great set up.  Someone has basically built a resort right by Ulura (Ayers Rock) and has the whole thing pretty sewn up.

It was only 10:00am.  Ultra is 30 mins earlier, timezone wise than the east coast.  My room wasn’t going to be available before 3:00pm I checked in anyway and reception said they’d give me a call if it became available sooner.

I went for a meander and checked out the little town square which had everything you might ever need: coffee shop, restaurant, supermarket, souvenir shop, post office & a tour booking office.

Then I decided to head into the Ulura-Kata Tjuta National Park.  It was great having a hire car as I was able to drive around the park and decide which hikes to do.   Today I did the Karu and Karingana Lookout trail hikes.  They were really good, the scenery was amazing.

Getting my hike on at the Karingana lookout.

Then back to the car for the 40min drive back to Yulara.

I went to see if my room was ready, which it was and I also found out I’d got an upgrade – woo hoo!  The room itself was really nice but then I opened the balcony door to find I had a large outdoor terrace.

Welcome to my terrace.  I may live here, just on the terrace.  The view of the stars at night was awesome.

I’d booked a trip to the Field of Light art installation for the evening. The bus picked us up just before sunset and took us a few minutes up the road.

The sunset was beautiful – Ayers Rock

The art installation by Bruce Munro was really impressive.  It felt quite spiritual there.  Although I found it really difficult to get a decent photo – I might need to go to photography school to figure that out.

Another day of hiking tomorrow, can’t wait, should be very cool!

Number of kms today = 108

Total number of kms in Aus = 5560

Total Cumulative kms to date (NZ &  Aus) = 10,824

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