Day – 79 – The Wonders of Ulura!

Up early to catch the sunrise.  I headed into the Uluru-Kata Tutu National Park around 6:45 and drove to the Talinguru Nyakunytjaku area to watch the sunrise.  The car park was pretty busy when I got there, plenty of other people had the same idea.

The sunrise was spectacular.  Seeing the dark skies wake up as the sun was rising was pretty special.  The color of Ayers Rock actually changed as the sun came up so it’s pretty cool to watch.

Sunrise at Talinguru Nyakunytjaku in Uluru Kata Tjutu National Park

Ayers Rock at sunrise

Then time to get up close and personal with the rock.  There is a base walk that enables you to walk all the way round it.  I headed to the car park, had some breakie to get the old energy levels up and cracked on.  It’s about a 10km/6m walk and it took just over two hours.

It was still quite chilly first thing but once I got onto the sunny side it was pretty nice.  The rock is very interesting.  There are lots of little caves about half way up.

Some interesting facts about the ‘Rock’:

It is 3.6km long and 348m at its tallest point.  This is 43m higher than the Centre point Tower in Sydney, 24m higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and just 33m lower than the Empire State Building in New York!

I was still only mid morning when I’d finished the walk so I meandered over to the Cultural Centre in the Park.  It was very informative, had lots of info on the aboriginal heritage plus a couple of art shops which promoted the local dot designed paintings.

I still had the legs for one more hike so I headed over to the Kata Tutu part of the park and walked through the Walpa Gorge.  It’s amazing, two huge sides of red sandstone with some trees in the middle and the tiniest of lakes.

Walpa Gorge – it actually looks like bum cheeks I think!

Number of kms today = 140

Total number of kms in Aus = 5700

Total Cumulative kms to date (NZ &  Aus) = 10,964

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