Day 80 – Leaving Uluru for Alice Springs

I watched one last sunrise from Uluru this morning.  I’d found a lookout above my room in the complex so I grabbed a hot drink and a warm jacket and went to watch the the view.

Sunrise – Uluru

Then time to pack up and head to the airport.  My flight wasn’t till 10:20am so I had plenty of time.

View of Uluru/Ayers Rock in the rear view mirror as I drove to the airport.

I arrived an hour before my flight was due to leave and the airport was deserted.

That’s the beauty of small airports, you can walk in the entrance door and out the exit door and there may be only 100m in-between them. Perfect, no hassle.  The folks from Quantas turned up soon enough plus a bus load of folks from the resort and then the airport was really busy!!

The flight was a quick hop, just 45 mins.  A bit like flying either to San Francisco or Vegas.  The scenery was stunning, miles and miles of desert and sand dunes


View of the sand dunes from the airplane

We landed, I picked up the hire car.  I’d been upgraded so I’ve got a massive Rav4, which will be fun!

I drove into Alice Springs, parked up and went for a meander.  It is quite a small town, halfway between Darwin and Adelaide and in the heart of the Red Centre.

There were quite a few arts shops, more of the dot designed canvas paintings to be seen.

I grabbed a bite and then walked up to the top of Anzac Hill.  The views of Alice Springs are great.  I got a good perspective of where everything was.

View of Alice Springs town

There is also a memorial dedicated to the Anzacs who fought in WWII in 1934.

Lest we forget – Memorial to the Anzacs

Then I walked down the hill and back into the town.  I’d seen a couple of posters for a beanie fest which was being held at the Araluen Arts Centre so I found the car and went to check it out.

Apparently, the Alice Springs Beanie Fest is an annual event which runs for a week.  I made a donation and entered the hall.  There were tables and tables of beanies for sale with lots of folks snapping them up.  It’s a real thing here!

Beanie Fest – Alice Springs

I felt compelled to buy a beanie, hard not to given how enthusiastic everyone was!

The Beanie Fest opens formally this evening, where I’m sure everyone will be wearing their beanies and looking round the art work.  I will investigate more tomorrow!!

Alice Springs Beanie Fest

Number of driving kms today = 28

Total number of driving kms in Aus = 5728

Cumulative driving kms to date (NZ &  Aus) = 10,992

Total Number of flight kms = 15,031

Cumulative driving & flight kms = 26,023

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