Day 82 – The Penultimate stop – Perth!

I’m now in Perth, which means the UK is 7 hours behind and the West Coast of the US e.g. LA is 15 hours behind.

I dropped off the hire car at the airport in Alice Springs.  When I filled it with diesel, a chap at the garage pointed out that I might have a slow puncture on one of the rear tyres as it was looking a bit low.  I half attempted to put air in it and then thought what the heck just get to the airport and let them deal with it, which I did!

The flight was easy, 3 hours and 20 mins which went by fairly quickly with a good book.  I picked up an uber and 20 mins later was at the apartment, awesome!

All good, I headed into the CBD of Perth to get my bearings and see what was going on.  Lots of folks mooching around the shops, it was Sunday of course.

I meandered towards the harbour, which was very nice.  Elizabeth Quay looks like it is in the process of going through a regeneration.  The Elizabeth Quay bridge opened just over a year ago.

Elizabeth Quay Bridge, Perth

There were also quite a few restaurants, bars, an ice rink and lots of touristy shops to see.

Jetty love in the Harbour, Perth

The harbour is where The Bell Tower is located.  Not only did it give great views of the harbour and the city but it was also super interesting.

The Bell Tower, Perth

The bells come from one of London’s most famous churches: St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square.  Originally they were in poor condition and were causing structural problems for the church tower.  However, they were saved from being melted down and re-cast when key people stepped in and  suggested an alternative plan of saving the bells, retuning them and sending them to Perth.  Now they are housed in the stunning Bell Tower in Barrack Square.  It is also known as one of the largest musical instruments in the world – pretty cool!

There is also the opportunity to leave a lovelock just outside the Bell Tower, awe!

Then I wandered back towards the apartment.  I walked past a building which looked very ‘Tudor’like.  I thought it wouldn’t look out of place in the Shambles in York (in the UK).

London Court Shopping Arcade Perth

On the inside of the London Court shopping arcade in Perth

Time to put my feet up, have a cuppa and watch the sunset..

Number of driving kms today = 36

Total number of driving kms in Aus = 5789

Cumulative driving kms to date (NZ &  Aus) = 11,053

Total Number of flight kms = 17,025

Cumulative driving & flight kms = 28,078

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