Day 83 – Perth Extravaganza!

I crammed a lot into today!

First up I wandered down to the Elizabeth Quay to pick up the hop on/hop off bus. I hopped off at Kings Park as it was one of the key recommendations I’d got from quite a few folk I’d talked to whilst driving around Australia.

The park was stunning, lots to see and admire. It was a great place to go for amazing views of the city and the Harbour. There were lots of different areas within the park: A State War Memorial, a Botanic Garden. There was also a bridge walkway above the park that gave great views, a lake to commemorate women and a DNA tower.

A view over Perth Bay from Kings Park

This is the DNA Tower, it has two separate staircases (both have 101 steps) which are intertwined and are supposed to resemble DNA.

Cottesloe Beach – very pretty beach

After a couple of hours in Kings Park I hopped back on the bus and headed back into town. I got off the bus in the main shopping street and headed to the train station. I’d read that Cottesloe Beach was very nice. I checked out the times of the trains and boarded one to Cottesloe.  The train system is very like London’s: easy to understand and get  around.

From Cottesloe I got back on the train and carried on another couple of stops to Fremantle.

I wanted to check out Fremantle Prison.  The prison only closed in 1991!  The key reason for closure was due to health and safety reasons.  Prisoners did not have a loo or a wash basin in their cells and had to relieve themselves in a bucket (even if they shared a cell)!

Fremantle Prison

The tour was very interesting.  The Tour Guide left no information out. All the gruesome stuff was included even taking us into the room where those on death row had their final comeuppance!

This shows one of the cells, notice that the bed is actually a hammock and on the left is a small table.  Single cells measured 1.2m by 2.1m.

This is the view through the little opening in the door for those in solitary confinement.  For those prisoners all they had was a bucket (top right), not even a mattress on the floor.

Tour concluded I wandered down to the beach and checked out the esplanade. The area was really nice, lots going on, some nice restaurants and a wheel.  I thought I’d check out the views from the top!

Big wheel in Fremantle

Then time to head back to Perth.

This was the view of the sunset from the railway station in Fremantle.  There is quite a big dock there and those are the cargo cranes in the foreground.

More Perth shenanigans tomorrow!

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