Day 84 – Perth Perfection!

Do you ever have those days when your body just wants to take it a bit slower?

Well, today was one of those for me.  I’m pretty sure I did too much yesterday.  I was pretty tired this morning even after a half decent sleep.  So I cut myself a bit of slack and found out which bus I could get to visit the Crawley Edge Boatshed.  It’s supposed to be pretty iconic in Perth.  Lucky for me, there was a bus stop 5 mins walk from the apartment which took me within a few metres of the boatshed.

Crawley Edge Boatshed

It’s very pretty, a pale blue colour with a white door and window frames with a lovely wooden jetty, sat out on the Swan River in Matilda Bay.  It’s easy to understand why it is so iconic.

I wandered back from the boat shed past a sculpture called ‘Eliza’.  The sculpture commemorates where the old Crawley Baths used to be.  She is regularly dressed in different costumes by the locals.  I thought she was awesome!

Eliza, Swan River, Matilda Bay

Carrying along round Matilda Bay to the Elizabeth Quay, the clouds were clearing and the sun was warming up.

View of the Swan River, Matilda Bay

After a cuppa in Elizabeth Quay I meandered up through the Supreme Court Gardens met a few friendly kangaroo sculptures and then checked out St George’s Cathedral.  The light within the Cathedral was amazing.  Shining through the stained glass windows, the reflections around the interior of the church were beautiful.


These arches were just outside St George’s Cathedral

Then on to the Perth Mint, where I watched a gold bar being made, very cool.  I also had the chance to pick up a gold bar, which was very heavy (unsurprisingly).

A real gold bar!

Then after a mooch around the shops and a couple of snaps of cool street art I wandered towards the art museum.  Sadly, it was closed, apparently it doesn’t open on Tuesdays – doh!

Time to get organized for my flight to Adelaide tomorrow!

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