Day 85 – I made it to Adelaide!

I finally made it to Adelaide.  My flight  due to leave at 8:00am eventually left at 11:00am.  Engine problems apparently, which given the sound of the issue they can take as long as they like to fix it!

All in all if today is the only day where I’ve had travel problems (other than the camper van of course) then I’ll take it.  That’s not bad given I’ve been on the road for three months.

Adelaide, (just to confuse everyone even more) is 1.5 hours ahead of Perth, which means the UK is 8.5 hours behind and the US (West Coast – LA) is 16.5 hours behind.

My brain hurts just trying to work that out!

I got into the centre of Adelaide around 4:00pm  & checked in.  The best thing about my room is that there is a decent sized bath (which I will be soaking in for quite some time).

It also has doors that open from the bathroom into the bedroom from the bath, which is pretty funky.  I once stayed in the Shores in LA and had a similar room.  The difference being there was a great view of the beach and ocean whereas if the curtains are open here I have a not so great view of a public car park! Hey ho!!

A quick skirmish around the streets close by.  Lots and lots of shops and shopping centres including little arcades like this one, which had funky umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.  Very poignant given it’s raining here!

Then back to the hotel to do some homework for more adventures tomorrow.

Just because I love it so much I’m going to share another photo of the Crawley Edge Boatshed in Perth.

Number of driving kms today = 27

Total number of driving kms in Aus = 5816

Cumulative driving kms to date (NZ &  Aus) = 11,080

Total Number of flight kms = 19,156

Cumulative driving & flight kms = 30,236

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