Day 87 – One Last Beach, but Double Jetty Love!

As I’m spending most of tomorrow traveling one way or another I wanted today to be relaxing and take in as much of the flora and fauna Adelaide had to offer.

I wanted to check out Henley Beach as I’d heard it was lovely.  It is named after Henley-on-Thames in London and is in the suburbs of Adelaide.

Sculptures at Henley Beach

I figured out which bus would take me there and paid the princely sum of $3.40, hopped on and 30 mins later I was at the beach.  It was interesting to see some of the other areas of Adelaide between the city and the beach.  Not all so salubrious.

Henley Beach is lovely, very quiet with a small square with a cafe or pub on one of each of the four corners.  Also a row of small boutiques and other eateries.  I wandered down the jetty first and took in the delights of the wide beach and ocean breeze.

Grange Beach Jetty

Further along the beach I could see another jetty, omg double jetty heaven, lucky me!  So, I walked along the beach taking in the ocean, the soft sand & collecting a few shells along the way to add to the collection.

Henley Beach

Grange Jetty was even prettier than Henley Jetty.  I am getting geeky over jetties now!  As the tide was out at this section of the beach I could walk beneath the jetty and get some nice pics of the sticks.

Underneath Grange Jetty

Then I slowly meandered back along the beach, taking it all in and storing away the memories.

After a bite to eat in Henley Square I got the bus back into the city to the Botanic Gardens.

The Gardens were as refreshing as the beach but in a luscious wealth of greenery.  As with many other parks there were lots of different areas including: a water mediterranean garden, an Australian Native Garden, Rose Garden, a waterlily pavilion and an Australian forest.

Lake in the Botanic Garden

All in all a lovely last day in Australia!


Number of driving kms today = 0

Total number of driving kms in Aus = 5816

Cumulative driving kms to date (NZ &  Aus) = 11,080

Total Number of flight kms = 19,156

Cumulative driving & flight kms = 30,236